Without reliable hosting services and a domain name, you can’t have a professional business website. Create a domain name, choose a subscription plan, and launch your store. Prestashop – you can set your store as a catalog, define the dimension of your packages, and apply shipping carriers for different delivery zones.

e-commerce website example

Lifestyle photographs that highlight your goods or services in action can bring your brand to life. Perhaps one of the most important ecommerce business tips is the focus on mobile-optimized sites. If your ecommerce site is incomplete, slow, or illegible on mobile devices, you’ll lose potential customers at an alarming rate. A website needs to represent the same values as that of an off line store. The user experience part needs to be designed in a seamless way that the online visitor should be able to interact, engage, and convert freely.

Now, just imagine what you will feel like after you have actually used one of their skincare products. The site overall is very well organized and extremely easy to navigate. Large, high-quality product images throughout draw consumers in. Plus, Apple provides a great checkout experience to boot.

And which is the best option for your ecommerce website? Briogeo does a great job of giving its value proposition in its hero section. Right when you click to their home page, you see “clean, natural and effective hair care.” This brand lets you know right away that it cares about natural ingredients. We discovered 47 Facebook ad templates with the highest conversion and CTR after designing 100,000+ assets for agencies. This includes your target market, what your company does, and a link to the existing web page.

They are organic and locally made and is shown perfectly in their ecommerce site. It is easily navigable and gives you the option to see full photos of their products. At Penji, we also make it a point to design clients’ websites to reflect the brand’s heart and unique story.

Their product toolbar is also more extensive to help customers who already have a pretty good idea of what they need. Product categories are based on occasions instead of sorting products by flower type. This helps customers who do not know about floral design choose the right product. Bon Bon Bon’s website e-commerce website design perfectly reflects their brand spirit. Retro elements, unique typography, and endless Bon Bon images show the artistic aspects of the team, their passion for craftsmanship, and their sense of humor. This adds to the creative, casual, and exciting brand image that their customers can relate to.

Ecommerce Website Design Faq

Though they sell many products, their drop down navigation keeps everything in order, with a clear organization of product categories. This is a best practice for any big commerce online business. Well planned product categories and their organization is important for a good user experience and improving conversion rates. The visuals and content of an ecommerce website need to both inform and inspire. The shopping cart and checkout process need to be intuitive.

e-commerce website example

Editing up every store element is easy since everything from the header down to the footer is customizable. One of Molla’s notable features is its grid configuration. You can set up over 21 product columns for maximum display. It removed unnecessary CSS and JavaScript code on the front-end so your store will load faster. Kalium allows for multiple header levels, which means you can add limitless elements and widgets on the top part of your site.

Examples Of Ecommerce Website Designs That Work

Then do as Unique Vintage does, and splash out on vibrant colors and photography. This eCommerce shop is as chic as the products it’s showcasing. Focus your web design around creating a flawless user experience, if you have plenty of categories to sell from. A lot of our favorite eCommerce website design examples are filled with white space, and we’re not ashamed to say it. Simple snaps against solid colored backgrounds make the shop easy on the eye. If you’re selling products that smell or taste delicious, make sure that your website design is appetizing.

e-commerce website example

Friendsday offers fashion with lively patterns made from sustainable organic cotton materials. There’s an earthiness to all of their clothing designs, but with a high fashion sensibility making this outerwear for the only most sophisticated of nature lovers. Cloe Cassandro shows how a bit of restraint goes far in creating a smooth user experience. Only add plugins that are really necessary though, because the more plugins you have, the slower your site. They also use small details like arrows to help move users through the site and avoid people getting lost and clicking away.

Best Ecommerce Food & Snack Website Examples 2020

The shoes are aligned in a neat grid, making browsing easy. There’s a lot of white space, which is the empty space, or padding, around the photos, making the products on this ecommerce website stand out even further. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to design a clothing website, Bohemian Traders is a good place to start. This ecommerce website channels its fun energy through its website design. With bright colors, it gives off a very cheerful feeling. The big photos on its homepage set the mood of the rest of the website’s design.

Maybe you’ve never put much thought into how you arrange product categories, or perhaps you need some categorization inspiration. Sitting centrally on the homepage, the statement works a treat in making users curious about the brand and its products. A cool font gives the site a friendly yet modern feeling, helping the shop feel a whole lot more personable than a lot of other technology brands.

If you haven’t made a product catalog before, you can do so with an online catalog creator. Images are tweaked and replaced on the backend of your site and should be updated regularly. The human brain judges a website’s visual characteristics in less than half a second, which demonstrates the importance of professional imagery. Yes, thanks to tools like BigCommerce, Shopify, Zyro, and Wix, you can build your own ecommerce website without any technical knowledge. An ecommerce platform makes it easy to build your online store without any kind of technical knowledge or website design expertise.

Ecommerce Website Examples

The product category is first presented on the homepage, making it easy for visitors to purchase products. For example, the navigation menu uses a slanted layout to create a unique spin, while page interactions make the browsing experience more dynamic. Instead of acting as trivial features, they encourage visitors to stay on the site longer. Bite’s online store is one of the best examples of effective e-commerce websites. The beautifully designed homepage captures visitors’ attention and perfectly conveys why their all-natural toothpaste is worth buying.

e-commerce website example

Not only do these photos fit the brand’s aesthetic, but they provide their visitors with a first-hand account of how their customers enjoy their products. Dainty Jewells is a women’s clothing store that portrays elegance in their web design — making it a great example of building brand familiarity. This clothing store integrates their brand’s simple peach and white design throughout their website.

One of the great features on Birchbox’s site is their process explanation. They provide a visually enticing, step-by-step process for getting a Birchbox. This design element is very user-friendly and helps their audience understand their business better.

Best Ecommerce Website Examples & Tips For 2022

The keywords you choose won’t drive in the traffic you’re aiming for or align with customers’ search intent. You have to build your content with search engines and your users in mind. Is a phenomenal example of a simple ecommerce website that highlights one specific product. The Oura Ring tracks your sleep quality and can monitor many important health indicators. On their homepage pictured above, a woman is actively demonstrating their new flat iron as the camera flips from various close-ups on the product in use. Video imagery on your homepage can be an eye-catching feature for online businesses trying to make a lasting impression.

Ecommerce Websites Faq

They also use a jQuery notification popup to tell European customers that they offer free shipping within Europe. It’s little widgets like these that make all the difference for the UX of the website. The InVision Marketplace is a complimentary store where fans can purchase a shirt to help promote the brand.

Best Ecommerce Website Examples 2020

Design-wise, the website looks minimalistic yet colorful. Its white background contrasts with vivid product shots, and the green call-to-action buttons are easy to see. This beautifully designed online flower shop website is an excellent example of a remarkable and straightforward e-commerce store.

Investing in professional images of all your products along with images shown from various angles will help build confidence and trust in your offerings. By thinking like a customer, you’ll be able to anticipate what they want from your ecommerce https://globalcloudteam.com/ store and then design your website in a way that meets those needs. To make the most of your ecommerce website design, focus on your customer experience first and foremost. Use these tips to help you throughout the design process.

In a nutshell, this online store is the epitome of a well-designed and -optimized website. However, there are a few elements that really put them ahead of their competition. These include their fun category page layout, comprehensive and easy-to-use filtering, and close-ups of fabric in product photos.

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