Tire Shield delivers the best products and services for your dealership and your customers. Our dealers have continued to choose us because we are the leading experts in the tire and wheel industry, with the most experienced staff and most comprehensive coverage’s because we understand that having a reputable service contract provider is essential to your everyday business. The coverage’s we provide are backed by an A.M. A+ rated insurance carrier.

For inquires or how to become a dealer, please fill out the form below:

Dealer Benefits:

•       Increased profitability

•       Increased vehicle service contract sales

•       F&I support and training

•       Simple rate structures

•       Dealer incentive programs

•       Administration incentive programs

•       Reinsurance programs

Customer Benefits:

•       Road-side assistance 24/7 – 365 days

•       Contract transfer ability

•       No deductibles

•       No caps or limitations

•       No total aggregates

•       Coverage anywhere in the United States and Canada

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